Cal. Salmon and Scott Rivers – Combo Overnight 3 day raft trip


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Not to be missed Class 5 runs!

Rafting trips on the California Salmon and Scott Rivers are only recommended for experienced rafting clients who are in good physical condition, and very capable swimmers. There are numerous Class IV and substantial Class V rapids on these runs. See the description for the Cal. Salmon 2 day trip for the first 2 days of this 3 day trip.

Unfortunately the Scott River drainage is on the drier east slopes of the Salmon-Trinity Alps, so we can only to add this in above average snow pack years, and then the window of opportunity is brief and mostly unpredictable. However these are rivers that should definitely be on your bucket-list. An unforgettable combination of stunning whitewater and scenery.

The Scott River can be run as a 3rd day in combination with the Cal. Salmon, or for suitably qualified paddlers as a 2 day Class 5 trip with the upper section of the Cal. Salmon. This trip involves a drive between the two rivers of approx. 1 ¼ hrs to tackle the Scott River the day after the Class 5 Nordheimer run. Put-in maybe Indian Scotty Campground or Bridge Flat Campground, ending up near Scott Bar near Hwy 96. The river trip features boulder-choked drops. Rapids are almost continuous and include ‘Boulder Creek Falls’, ‘Canyon Creek’, ‘White House’, ‘Tompkins Creek’ and ‘Schuler Gulch’.

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