California’s Kaweah River Rafting
Class V+ Whitewater Rafting


Southern-Central California, Two hours east of Fresno,
near Sequoia National Park.

Difficulty: Class V+, Advanced: High Intensity Whitewater.
Available: most weekends, April through June (Depending on water levels)
Minimum Age: 14 years old

Customer Testimonial

This river is awesome! I can’t wait to run it again next spring!
–N.R., Modesto, CA

KAWEAH RIVER RAFTING, CALIFORNIA WHITEWATER RAFTING AT ITS FINEST — Plummeting out of Sequoia National Park just east of Visalia lies the Kaweah, one of America’s steepest rivers. In their classic guidebook California Whitewater, Jim Cassady and Fryar Calhoun describe the Kaweah as running “swift, clear, and free through some of the most exciting rapids in the state”. In other words, only your adrenaline rushes faster than these waters. The upper stretch of river has an average gradient drop of 70′ per mile. Compare that to our Class III South Fork American’s 23′ per-mile gradient! The torrential whitewater, beautiful scenery, and its short 3 1/2 hour drive from Southern California convinced us to add the Kaweah trips to our offerings.

Due to the nature of this run you must be in good physical condition and possess prior paddling experience, preferably Class IV or higher, to raft this river. You will also be expected to participate in a pre-trip instruction class on the first morning, covering advanced paddling, safety, and swimming techniques. Wets suits are an absolute necessity and may be rented from us in advance for $15/day. Please make an appraisal of your ability to handle this run, and be brutally honest. If you’re up to the challenge, the rapids of the Kaweah offer an experience unlike any other on the planet.


» Trip Details/Itineraries [PDF]
11 miles; lunch

Our one-day trips are on Saturdays and Sundays, meeting at 8:30 AM. After check-in we’ll take a short drive to the put-in where you will receive a safety orientation and paddling instruction by your guides. The stretch of river we do on the one-day trip is very exciting with many class IV and V rapids including “Suicide Falls” and “The Flood”. After a picnic lunch on the riverbank we’ll get back into our boats and tackle some of the biggest rapids on the river like “Upper and Lower Slickies” and “Holiday Hole”. Our take-out is at Lake Kaweah – just a short bus ride back to your vehicles. We’re usually off the water and back at our meeting site by 3 to 4 PM.


» Trip Details/Itineraries [PDF]
16-20 miles (depending on water levels); 1 night of camping, 4 meals; available Saturday

Our two-day trips begin on Saturdays at 8:30 AM. This trip includes a buffet style lunch on the river each day, delicious dinner at our overnight camp on the river, and breakfast the second morning.

The first day is the same stretch as our one-day trips. We camp at mile 11, enjoying the wilderness, a sumptuous dinner prepared by your guides, great conversation, bright stars, and a peaceful sleep. The next morning, after breakfast, we either continue on down river or repeat the same stretch we did the first day. Usually folks prefer to repeat the same stretch because of the abundance of exciting rapids. We return to our meeting place around 4 PM of the second day relaxed and ready for the next exciting adventure!


Please call our office for trip itinerary and schedules.