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Why Go Rafting on the American River During the Middle of the Week?

There is never a bad time for a rafting trip, but there can be secret advantages to choosing a rafting trip in the middle of the week.  When choosing a time for a rafting trip on the American River, keep these perks of mid-week trips in mind!

REASON #1 – Break Up The Work Week

The 9-5, Monday through Friday can be stressful and boring if not broken up with a little excitement. Having a mid-week destresser, especially one filled with adrenaline and endorphins can actually help you be more productive throughout the work week. One of the benefits of rafting the American River is that we have rafting near San Francisco, so that rafting day is closer than you think! An adventurous mid-week break boosts morale, improves scheduling of responsibilities for the week, and adds serious excitement right where the excitement is needed.  Have something to look forward to that is much sooner than the weekend!

REASON #2 – Enjoy A Less Crowded River

It isn’t a secret that most people believe rafting to be a weekend activity.  Weekends are fun but hectic, and everyone is trying to get in the river. Ditch the chaos!  If you step out of the box and hit the river mid-week, you get on the river faster, easier parking, and more.  Enjoy a lazy float and the exciting rapids with an especially gorgeous view of the river by choosing a mid-week trip!

REASON #3 – Weekday Rafting Can Come With Some Nice Price Discounts! 

Adventure Connection offers a sweet deal that is only available on Wednesdays!  Enjoy our 1-day Middle Fork Rafting Trip for only $100.00.  That is a $39.00 discount! Wednesday just became the new weekend.  Get on the river!


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