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South Fork American 1/2 Day PM Gorge Run

North Fork American River is a GO this Spring

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North Fork American River

1 day trips meet in Auburn /

Level: Intermediate to Advanced /

Class 4-4+

North Fork American River Class 4-4+ whitewater trips

On this Chamberlain Falls run, the action starts quickly and it is an experience you will never forget. You raft down nearly continuous pool and drop rapids with unsurpassed back country scenery. Aqua colored water flows over polished granite rocks and hillsides are dotted with spring flowers.

Previous paddling experience is recommended and competent swimming ability is required. This is particularly important at times of higher water when eddies are scarce and large holes must be negotiated. This IS NOT A NOVICE RUN!

North Fork American River - 1 Day Rafting Trip

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South Fork / North Fork American River - 2 Day Rafting Trip

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Trip Info

The North Fork American River flows through a pristine and very scenic steep walled canyon. The river starts its journey west from the headwaters in the Granite Chief Wilderness between the ski areas of Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley. For most of its length it is protected by federal Wild and Scenic status, as it freely tumbles through steep gorges in the Tahoe National Forest. It enters the Auburn State Recreation Area near Colfax and joins the Middle Fork American near Auburn.

Our rafting trips are early season. This free-flowing spring river depends on the mountain snow pack, so the length of the season varies.


Where is the North Fork American River located?

The North Fork American River is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills flowing from the western Tahoe to Folsom Lake. This wild n scenic river flows thru Colfax, Weimar and Auburn with many rafting and kayaking runs for private and commercial boaters.

Where does the North Fork American River start?

The North Fork American River starts from Mountain Meadow Lake on the peak of Granite Chief in Tahoe National Forest. The river flows freely down to Lake Clementine in the Auburn State Recreation Area.

Where should I stay for my North Fork American Rafting Trip?

There are lots of places to stay near our meeting location in Auburn, CA, here are our Top 5 Places to Stay near Auburn:

North Fork American River Map

Meeting Location

Meeting Location: Crooked Lane Brewing Company