Category: White Water Safety

River Guides Make Your Trip Memorable

There are many different outfitters that lead river rafting adventures in California, but Adventure Connection is one of the leading ones. Why? Because of their dedicated river guides. Get the best guides in the California rafting industry when you raft with Adventure Connection.

White Water Rafting is Not an Amusement Park Ride

If you’re not used to adventure sports in the outdoors, the idea of river rafting in California may make you a little nervous. White water rafting may seem like an incredibly dangerous pursuit, especially if you’ve never been on a rafting trip.

What To Bring When White Water Rafting On the American River

Unlike a simple day out at the beach, whitewater rafting the American River requires a little information in order to be prepared adequately for the trip.

Guides Prepare You for Whitewater Rafting on the American River

If you’re new to whitewater rafting, or even if you just need a short refresher course, our guides will make sure that you never set foot in the water until you have been thoroughly oriented by our experienced, helpful guides.