Celebrate the Summer White Water Rafting in California

There are many people who look forward to summer for one reason – white water rafting in California, especially in groups! This activity is one of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping things a person can do. It has the coolness of the water, the peaks and drops of the descending water levels and the clear blue sky above. California is known as one of the most decadent vacation destinations in the U.S., and it is no wonder that whitewater rafting on the American River is one of the top things to do there.

Other things to do while white water rafting in California

There are more things to do on a trip white water rafting in California than might first meet the eye. The area around the American River is filled with vineyards and wine tasting sessions, while there are also mountains and valleys to explore and other historical and geographical sights to be seen. A group visiting the area will not run out of things to do!


California Rafting Group Trips
with Adventure Connection


Going on a whitewater rafting trip with family and friends is just what you need to experience California at its best. Group trips with Adventure Connection allow you to ride challenging rapids at great discounted prices with our expert whitewater rafting guides. Don’t delay! Reserve your California whitewater rafting trip today.


Is the Air Quality Bad?

Air Quality & Rafting Trips  There are many fires raging in Northern California and the smoke is affecting the Sacramento & Lake Tahoe Areas. Most

American River Rafting thru September

American River Rafting Trips Continue!  South Fork and Middle Fork American River rafting trips are still going strong thanks to F.E.R.C licensing and dam control