Getting Thrills and Splashes with American River Rafting

People who love wild sports and thrill rides are missing out if they have not yet been American River rafting. This activity involves sailing down a rough stretch of water on an inflatable raft, navigating areas of strong currents and sharp drops. Some people compare it to riding a roller coaster, and others will say it is an extreme version of sailing. Everyone has their own experience of the activity, so the best thing to do is simply sign up and see where the water takes you. There are routes for all abilities, so those who have never tried it before can start off with something tamer and work their way up to the more challenging routes, and those who know what they are doing can test their skills on the area’s wild North Fork.

Looking for the best American River rafting company

The main thing to understand about American River whitewater rafting is that safety is the first priority. This means finding a company that has skilled and trained guides and the best safety equipment such as life vests. It is also important to book the trip with a company that has experience on the water, as this will show itself in many ways. An experienced company will know who to hire as their whitewater rafting guides to give the best experience. They will also be able to navigate the waters better, and provide the best after-rafting activities.

Raft the American River with Adventure Connection


A river rafting trip in Coloma, California is just what you need to experience California at its best. Raft the American River with Adventure Connection and ride its challenging rapids with our expert whitewater rafting guides. Don’t delay! Reserve your California whitewater rafting trip today.


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