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Great Advanced Rafting Trips: California’s Kaweah River

I came across the Kaweah River rafting trip recently on my search for the best advanced rafting in California. Located in the town of Three Rivers, California near Sequoia National Park, the Kaweah River offers a great California rafting trip for expert paddlers and is one of the steepest rivers in America. This California white water rafting trip is only for advanced rafters and features Class V+ rapids.

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The Kaweah River white water rafting trip puts in near Sequoia National Park, two hours east of Fresno, CA. The trip requires participants to take a pre-trip class on the first morning of the trip. You will go over advanced paddling techniques, swimming, and safety. The guides at Adventure Connection are top notch, and the World Rafting Association says they are the best outfitter for the Kaweah River. As a lifelong paddler, I can safely say these guys know what they’re doing. Don’t miss your chance to paddle with the top white water rafting guides in the industry!

Kaweah River Rafting: The Advance Rafting Trip of a Lifetime

These one and two-day trips are the ultimate adventure in white water rafting in California. According to the California Rafting Alliance, the Kaweah River is “not for the faint of heart” but offers one of the best rafting trips in Southern California. The upper part of the Kaweah River drops 70 feet per mile and flows through some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. Serious rafters do not want to miss this trip!

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