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We Got A New Office

A New Space for us to Grow

Office, Commissary, Hang Out & Outdoor Kid Space

Over the past 4 years we have merged 2 rafting company offices into 1. We have acquired another outfit/operations in Oregon. Our old office (formerly known as the Prospector Bar) just wasn’t able to fit all of our wants and needs. Our new space is a commercially zoned 6 acre property with a 2 story house. Our office space is upstairs and commissary & guide lounge will be downstairs.

Oh and did we mention the location!? We are now just behind one of our favorite restaurants & water holes, the River Shack. We can also now walk to other central amenities in Lotus including the Post Office, river access below the 49 bridge, our friends at Hot Shot Imaging, Marcos Café & more!

The new office & property check all the boxes for our wants & needs:

  • A space for our management team to work and have meetings
  • Work stations for seasonal reservation staff
  • Area for our commissary – storage, food prep &  packing/up-packing space
  • A place for our staff to relax and recharge when especially when it’s 100 degrees outside
  • An environment where our kids can come to work and not disrupt us
  • Gathering space away from our campground

Out with the old…

The old Prospector building will always be special to us. Back when we were Adventure Connection guides would need to drive by in the evening to see their schedule that was posted on a white board facing out one of the windows. In the past few years we have moved to a digital schedule and timecard system…I mean it is 2021 right? 

This is the building that we merged Mariah Wilderness Adventures with Adventure Connection. Then again we added Tributary Whitewater Tours into the same office building and started remodeling to create more workable spaces, which worked, for a bit. 

It is in this space that we sat in March of 2020 wondering what was going to happen to the future of rafting.

On hot or smoky evenings our employees have retreated to the air conditioning and WiFi and had movie night, game night and, well, we might not want to know everything they did…

Our kids have spent fun days playing in the back storage room, chilling out with our river guides and worked on homework throughout the pandemic. 

…In With the New!

Have we told you how much we are enjoying this new space yet? We are not 100% set up, but we have been working in the upstairs office for the past couple of weeks. 

Office Space 

In the last space we had 3 separate offices for staff to work in and a main area for meetings, guide hang out and reservationists. Instead of individual offices all staff are in a “bull pin” area so we can have more seamless interactions & we have a designated meeting room where we can close the door and have more private conversations. Since this is really a 2 bedroom house there is a full kitchen, we have an oven & can now make frozen pizzas…trust us, we’ve made quite a few so far.


The 1st floor of the new building is mainly going to be for our commissary department. This is such an important piece to our operations – Food! This new space is going to allow for more seamless packing, un-packing, storage, delivery etc of all things comm. Our wilderness overnight trips require the most amount of planning, packing and attention to detail, as once you get out there on the river you don’t want to be without something. Our American River Trips usually include at least 1 meal, sometimes up to 5 meals. In the 2021 season our Commissary provided over 6,400 meals to guests. This space will be under construction before we start running trips in the spring, so stay tuned for updates! 


Kid n Play

The upstairs office also has a “hang out room”, originally suggested by owner Jeremiah to be used as a kid hang out room. In the past we’ve had up to 7 kids at the office (usually sending them all to camp at sometime) which can be a bit of a zoo. Being a parent himself, Jeremiah has encourages family friendly employment solutions. As our families also continued to grow we saw the need for a work environment that allowed for more kid play…oh and did they get it!

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