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White Water Rafting in California with Wine

Wine and white water rafting in California sounds like a great combination. This is because the freedom of the great outdoors is an exciting challenge, and a nice cool glass of wine at the end of a long and energetic day is just what is needed to cool and calm the spirits. Many of the wine and rafting tours offer one day of exploring the water and the other strolling through the vineyards, so this is the perfect balance for anyone wanting a trip with excitement and relaxation.

The Two-Day Excursion White Water Rafting in California

A two-day whitewater rafting trip can be perfect to fit into pre-existing itineraries for those who wish to go white water rafting in California. The Golden State is home to some amazing locations, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, so they can be combined with sightseeing, sunbathing and shopping without overloading the group with things to do.


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