4 Things To Gain From A Multi-Day Family Rafting Trip

Excitement, adventure, overcoming obstacles together and sleeping under the stars.  This kind of family bonding will lead to closer relationships and tons of smiling faces.  California family rafting trips offer unique opportunities to work together towards a common goal while also having tons of fun! Check out these benefits of taking a multi-day family rafting trip, I promise it’s worth the vacation days!


Overcome Obstacles As A Family 

Whitewater rafting is a blast, but don’t underestimate its intensity! Exhilarating situations of any sort bring with them some heft, and whitewater rafting is no exception. Throughout your rafting experience as a family, you will work together to take on whitewater rapids, build confidence in everyone’s talents as a team, and work on communication during those exhilarating moments.

A Family That Rafts And Camps Together Stays Together

Rafting and camping are like traveling: you learn a lot about the people you are with and yourself during the process. For families, this is a bonding experience! Sitting around the camp fire, learning how to whitewater raft, sleeping in a tent together are all great ways to bond with your loved ones. Whoever thought that sharing a tent with your family could be fun?! We promise you, it can with Adventure Connection’s beautiful campground!

Non-stop Adventure And Fun Leads To An Awesome Family Trip

Rafting and camping offer something exciting for all ages, which is why it’s so perfect for a family activity. Whether you are rolling through raging rapids or listening to the river run by at sunset, your family can’t help but have grins all around! That’s part of the reason we love doing what we do here at Adventure Connection; we get to make people happy!

Family Trip Discounts!

We think it’s important for families to get out there on the water and spend some quality time together; that’s why we offer family trip discounts! During the weekdays, any child accompanied by an adult goes for 1/2 off the normal price 2-day trip: it’s our way of giving back to families who are doing it right! Check out our family rafting trip on the South Fork!



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