American River Rafting Is California Drought Proof

An article in last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle highlighted the unusual circumstances (all good!) that surround our water flow experience on both the South and Middle Forks of the American. Simply put, despite record low snowpack levels, the American River Rafting season is going to be in full force this summer! Don’t just take our word for it, you can read the San Francisco Chronicle’s recent article on it here!

The South Fork is the most popular whitewater river on the west coast, whilst the Middle Fork American is California’s second most popular resource. And, though this year we’re in the worst drought since snowfall records have been kept, as the article accurately states, we’ll still see great whitewater flows all summer long due to the multitude of upstream reservoirs and powerhouses, along with the recently issued Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license guidelines for their operations. So American River Rafting won’t be affected by the drought like you thought it would? Precisely, as the South Fork will boast awesome rapids every day of the week except Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day, as well as on weekends throughout April, May and September. On the Middle Fork we’ll see 3 to 5 days weekly, with weekends covered and 1 to 3 midweek days all summer. Indeed, both rivers will be two of only a few rivers in California with dedicated, dependable flows all summer long. Couple that with the other opportunities that lie in our midst, including our own completely unique wine tasting and rafting trips, and you have a recipe for unmatched fun.

American River Rafting, South Fork American RiverOne of the untold stories of how we got these amazing agreements is fodder for another blog, but for now, suffice it to say that Nate Rangel, owner of Adventure Connection, represented himself and all of his outfitting colleagues in 13 years of intense negotiations and meetings with the various water and electric utilities, federal, state and local agencies, fishing and hiking and equestrian groups – essentially all of the relevant stakeholders with an interest in the American River watershed. Yep…another story to be told soon.

What’s most important is that these classic runs see upwards of 130,000 visitors each year. People from all over the globe come to enjoy their waters. And, inevitably, what those visitors find is something that regular river users, and riverside residents, already know—there’s magic in their waves. These rivers attract artists and poets, musicians and engineers, bankers, teachers, students, dreamers. They change lives in ways that are myriad and beautiful. And all of us in our little valley invite you to come and discover that magic for yourself. —Nate Rangel, Owner of Adventure Connection

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