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Cal Salmon River

Six Rivers National Forest near Somes Bar, CA /

Level: Advanced to Expert rafting trips /

Class 4 & 5

Class 5 Adrenaline Runs!

Class 4 and 5 rafting thrills on the California Salmon & Scott River

The California Salmon & Scott River rafting trips are two of California’s top spring rivers providing Class 4 and 5 rafting thrills. Despite the driving distance to this remote area in N. California, many avid river runners gladly make this trek. These rafting trips are recommended for experienced rafting clients who are in good physical condition and very capable swimmers. Previous Class 4 experience is a must and a swim test may be given.

There are plenty of unique rapids on these rivers, with numerous Class 4 and 5 rapids. On the Salmon River encounter Class 5 rapids “Last Chance”, “Cascade” and “Freight Train”. If you catch the Scott River too then you get to experience more Class 5 action with “Boulder Creek Falls”, “White House”, “Tompkins Creek” and “Schuler Gulch” rapids. Besides the rapids, there is much to take in on these trips. Add the scenic beauty of rugged carved granite, the forests of the Klamath National Forest, and the incredible waterfalls that tumble into the canyons.

The magnificent California Salmon & Scott rivers are natural wild and scenic river tributaries of the mighty Klamath River. They tumble swiftly out of the Marble Mountains and the Salmon-Trinity Alps Wilderness areas. Wildlife is plentiful, but easily hidden in this rugged terrain.

The Scott River has a shorter season and is best during higher snowpack years. This is due to the fact it is on the east “drier” side of the mountain range, . California Salmon river rafting trips however run later than most of the Class 4/5 runs further south.

Charter transportation is sometimes available from the Sacramento area, or airport pick-up from Redding.

The Cal. Salmon River is free-flowing, so entirely dependent on snow-melt. Check our Predictions Page for expected flow conditions.

Cal Salmon River - 1 Day Rafting Trip

Norcal / Oregon
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Meeting Location

Marble Mountain Ranch, 92520 CA-96, Somes Bar, CA 95568.

Marble Mountain Ranch is located on Hwy 96, 7.5 miles north of Somes Bar.