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We have so many water rafting California trips you might not know where to start. There is nothing wrong with asking for guidance on what type of trip a beginner should go on in order to have fun. We’d love to give you our insight on our favorite rivers that we feel newcomers would appreciate. Look at the different whitewater rafting trips we have available and you can narrow your search for which river you want to travel. We offer South Fork of the American whitewater rafting trips, the Kaweah River trips and even trips down Tuolumne River as well.

Come Back For More Rafting California Trips

After you get a taste of what it’s like to raft down California improve on your skills and come back for another trip. There are a lot of rivers that are restricted to newcomers so you do have something to work towards. Every time you come back to raft with us you’ll hone in on your skills and become better at traveling down any river. You should slowly start to feel like a river rafting expert after a few sessions with us. Work your way up to the intermediate courses and then to the hardest courses so that you can have the most fun while you are cruising down the rivers of California. Remember tell your friends and family about your experience and how you had too much fun developing your rafting skills. This can motivate them to try out river rafting on their own one day.


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Going on a whitewater rafting trip with family and friends is just what you need to experience California at its best. Ride challenging rapids at great prices with our friendly, experienced whitewater rafting guides. Don’t delay! Reserve your California whitewater rafting trip today.


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