White Water Rafting Trip Preparation and Orientation Safety Talk

White Water Rafting Trip Orientation

What to expect before your whitewater rafting trip with Raft California!


We are so excited for you to come and experience one of our amazing river trips! We want everyone to be prepared and know what to expect.

All our trips will begin with outfitting each rafter with the following gear:

  • PFD (Personal Flotation Device, formerly known as a life jacket)
  • Helmet
  • Paddle

There is a professional River Guide present in each raft which can accommodate 4-8 people per raft (depending on the river). Your river guide will check to make sure gear is properly fitted.

There is a pre-trip safety talk and rafting orientation presented by one of our skilled river guides. They will prep everyone on what to expect once getting on the river. Guides will be calling commands to the paddlers in each raft throughout the river trip. It is pertinent to listen for these and take them seriously. For Class 3+ rivers they will go over techniques for staying in the raft.They will also go over what to do in the case someone does end up in the river and how to get them back in.

At the end of your trip your guide will instruct where to leave the gear we provided. We appreciate your cooperation in assisting with the proper return of our whitewater rafting equipment.

Please remember to tip your guide! If you forgot to bring cash, just contact our office to use a credit card. Some locations can provide credit card tip processing on a tablet.

You can view our full list What to bring list online.


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