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Trinity River - Burnt Ranch Gorge

Highway 299 between Redding and Eureka, CA /

Level: Expert /

Class 5

Class 5 Summer Rafting!

One of the few Class 5 rivers available in California in the summer months.
The action on Burnt Ranch Gorge is swift and intense, with the Trinity River dropping 200 feet in two miles and five Class 4-4+ rapids in the first 2.5 miles.  It is a classic pool and drop rafting trip. The riverbed is nearly blocked by a maze of boulders and there are countless falls, holes and waves to negotiate. This trip features numerous chutes just barely wide enough for the raft to slip through! Only smaller paddle boats are used because of the narrow and intricate passages.
This is NOT a novice whitewater rafting trip and requires previous Class 4 experience!

All participants must be experienced, physically fit and competent swimmers. Paddlers are required to show their abilities to handle the pace. A Class 5 paddlers test will be conducted in the river at put-in. Participants must be able to:

– Swim under the raft from one side to the other
– Climb back in the boat unassisted
–  Swim across a swift current.

Once in Burnt Ranch Gorge, the guides and clients will scout all the major rapids so rugged footwear is required.

Airport pick-up may be arranged from Redding.

Tributary operates under permit from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.

Trinity River – 2 Day Burnt Ranch Gorge Rafting Trip

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Trinity River – 1 Day Burnt Ranch Gorge Rafting Trip

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Meeting Location

Meeting Location: Burnt Ranch Gorge Campground

Trinity Adventure Park
31030 CA-299
Junction City, CA 96048

Near Big Bar