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South Fork American 1/2 Day PM Gorge Run

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Wetsuit Rentals from Raft California

Wetsuit & Splash Jacket rentals from Raft California

Wetsuits are typically required for our spring rafting trips. When river flows are high they are also required for an extended time into our summer raft trip season.

Guests are welcome to bring their own or rentals are $20/person* and include both a wetsuit (farmer john style, shown below) and a splash jacket.

We suggest you also review our What to Wear/Bring rafting page for specifics of what to bring on your white water rafting adventure with Raft California.


Splash Jackets

*For our guests rafting on the Truckee River wetsuits & splash jackets are included at no additional charge. As Lake Tahoe weather can vary and due to the high altitude be a bit colder we provide these as a courtesy to our rafting guests joining us for a Truckee River Rafting Trip.