Lower Klamath River Rafting | California Family Rafting Trips

Lower Klamath River rafting provides amazing adventures for families and first times looking for a Northern California white water rafting overnight. This is an easier river than the South Fork American, but in a more secluded setting. For adults and older youths the additional of an inflatable kayaks can assist in providing more excitement.

There is bountiful nature, wildlife and new experiences to be had on a Lower Klamath River Rafting trips! Enjoy the secluded setting, yup no wi-fi, for a 2, 3 or 4 day rafting and camping trip. Keep your eyes out for the legendary Big Foot as well who is rumored to roam. Lower Klamath River rafting trips are also known for great fishing so inquire about our unique Fishing Specific Trips!

The Klamath River is California’s third longest river, running 148 miles from below Iron gate dam to its confluence with the Trinity River. This is one of few rivers in California allowing for continuous rafting (no shuttling each day) creating a unique experience. It passes through the Klamath National Forest, and borders the Siskiyou mountains and the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

The Karuk Indian tribe inhabits much of the river typically traveled by these trips. Traditional ceremonies are conducted at various locations and times on the sacred banks (“Inaam”) of the Klamath River. Out of respect for the tribe, camping and stopping is occasionally prohibited in certain areas.

Tributary Whitewater Tours/RaftCalifornia.com operates under permit from the Klamath National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.


Camping on the Lower Klamath River

The only camping option we offer on the river is on river during your rafting trip. There are places to stay the night before or after in the town of Happy Camp.

Our 2 day overnight river trip on the Lower Klamath includes many rapids, beautiful scenery and the highlight hike to Ukonom Falls!

Great for families! Ages 5+, non-swimmers welcome.

The 3 day is the most popular Lower Klamath River Rafting excursion! That 3rd day is really worth it so you give yourself enough time to enjoy the surroundings and unwind!

For larger groups Inflatable Kayak rentals may add an additional challenge for adults and older kids!

Great for families! Ages 5+*, non-swimmers welcome.

Lower Klamath River | 4 day rafting trip

Our most favorite way to experience the Lower Klamath. If you can manage to commit to 4 days of rafting this is the ideal trip for you! The more time you spend on the river, the more into nature you get, and the more you learn about yourself!

The trips includes 4 days of typically continuous rafting as well as 3 nights of remote riverside camping. There is plenty of time to explore with side hikes, swimming, and even fishing trips!