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Rogue River Trips

Lower Klamath River

Happy Camp, in N. California /

Level: Beginner to Intermediate /

Class 2-3

Overnight Wilderness Trip for Families!

Lower Klamath River rafting provides ideal multi-day N. California white water rafting trips for families and first timers. This is an easier river than the South Fork American, but in a more secluded setting. With a few inflatable kayaks, there can be more than enough excitement for older children or more experienced river runners. Its location provides a great remote and “get-a-way from it all” river trip.

Tributary Whitewater Tours ( operates under permit from the Klamath National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.

Lower Klamath River - 3 Day Wilderness Raft Trip

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When rafting on the Lower Klamath River you will enjoy its large sandy beaches, its warm waters and the opportunity for a side hike through the rain forest setting of Ukonom Creek. There are also many fun white water rapids with the biggest being Kanaka Falls (or Rattlesnake), and the Class 3+ Dragon’s Tooth. There is the option of walking younger children around some rapids.

Lower Klamath River rafting trips are also known for great fishing (steelhead & salmon), and abundant wildlife. You might spot heron, osprey, eagles, black bear, deer, beaver, raccoon and otters. It is the legendary home to Sasquatch, and it’s not hard to imagine “Big Foot” hidden in the majestic forests along the river.

The Klamath River runs 148 miles from below Iron gate dam to its confluence with the Trinity River and is California’s third longest river. It is one of the few California rivers that offer continuous trips longer than 2 days. It passes through the Klamath National Forest, and borders the Siskiyou mountains and the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

The Karuk Native American tribe inhabits much of the river typically traveled by these trips. Traditional ceremonies are conducted at various locations and times on the sacred banks (“Inaam”) of the Klamath River. Out of respect for the tribe, camping and stopping is occasionally prohibited in certain areas.


Can you kayak the Klamath River?

Yes, on our wilderness Klamath rafting trips inflatable kayaks are available for our guests to enjoying. Previous kayaking skills are not required, but folks interested should be adventurous and in good shape.

What are the four dams on the Klamath River?

There are 4 hydroelectric dams scheduled for removal on the Klamath River.

  1. Copco Dam #1
  2. Copco Dam #2
  3. Iron Gate Dam
  4. JC Boyle Dam

Where to stay near Happy Camp?

There are camping, cabin and hotel options in and near Happy Camp, CA.

Meeting Location

Meeting Location:
Klamath River Resort Inn
61700 CA-96
Happy Camp, CA 96039